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Welcome to RAJIQ, your number one provider of all your development & design needs. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of our services in the field of WEB, APP, SERVER and DESIGN with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

It all started here.


It all started with a keen interest in the field of computers and programming. The successful completion of numerous project and working with many talented individuals sparked an idea. The idea of a Software company. So we started gathering like minded and highly skilled people with a deep interest in programming.

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Now we are here.


Now we are at a stage that we can confidently say, 'There is not a project that RAJIQ can not handle'. We are currently providing services in all development related areas as well as design. RAJIQ is filled with individuals who love making sense of 0's and 1's with deep passion.

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Will make it to here.


The future we seek for RAJIQ is to extend our reach in various other niche areas of the tech world which include robotics, AI, AR/VR, etc. Meanwhile also providing our exisiting services far and wide. The mission, in simpler terms is to, become a tech giant.

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We at RAJIQ provide a multitude of services in many fields of development & design. We keep on increasing our knowledge and skills in other unknown and complex areas that lack our expertise. Currently we provide our services in Web development, App development, Server-Side development and Designing of logos, illustrations, interfaces, etc.






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